This is the 3rd article in a series called “Business Owners - Are You Choosing the Right Apps?

I’ve covered some suggestions about your mindset, now let’s talk about what I think is next - skills.

In the first article I wrote:

Next on your checklist is to look at your and your team’s areas of skills:

These are the actions that you are capable of carrying out to achieve a designated outcome.   You will be aware of the skills that you and your team has, admit and accept the areas that need improvement, then dedicate time and resources to growing abilities.
Your Team

Some of your staff might be averse to cloud technology, or learning new software.  An extreme challenge is staff that disagree with your software choices.

A meeting complete with some demonstration of the software might alleviate their concerns.   Taking the time to train each person at the rate that they learn can go a long way as well. This is a great opportunity to practice empathy in your company.

On the other positive side, you might find skills from your team that you never knew they had!  The person you hired to track shipments might be a wiz at managing a team, and now that he as more time he can come up with some great ideas for the company’s processes!



The most important thing is to not throw out the baby with the bathwater.  Your team is valuable to achieving your company’s goals and with a little planning - you all can accomplish great things!

When you ready, the next step is to look at your processes.  I cover that next here.