Xero Add-on is an app, developed by a company other than Xero, that integrates with Xero.

At the center of your solution is Xero: an accounting app. Say you have a retail store that has 10 employees - you'd like to schedule them as quick as possible, right?

Then, for example, you'd addDeputy, a Xero add-on that helps you schedule your employees.  You could quickly schedule everyone (time/cost effective for you) and have their payroll info integrate into Xero (or Zen Payroll, a payroll add-on, that integrates into Xero too).

Think of it like this: you are creating an environment that is tailor-made to your business with Xero and it's add-ons.  Whatever your business needs, most likely "there's an add-on for that"!

Here's some of the add-ons we are certified in and ready to set you up with:

  • Bill.com: (one of my faves!)  This is an app that you can scan and upload bill info, or any document info, pay via their system or mark as paid outside their system, and integrates fully with Xero. Your complete accounts payable solution.
  • Vend: A beautiful POS system. Handles inventory very well, has a great interface to use, works with online apps such as Shopify and inventory quantity control apps like Stitch Labs.
  • Kounta: A POS system for the hospitality industry. Robust and easy to use.
  • Freshbooks: Do you invoice clients? Then this is the app to add. Great auto-reminders and useful when using with a team of people invoicing one client.
  • Receipt Bank: An accountants dream!  What do you do with all those receipts? Upload them into receipt bank (which syncs them into Xero) and throw them away! Digital copies attached to each transaction makes compliance a cinch!
  • Invitbox: Amazing OCR technology reads your PDFed bills, auto-fills it's fields, and helps you manage your accounts payable.  
  • Expensify: Your team will love putting their expenses for their clients in this app, great for my creative clients.
  • Harvest: Run your projects and tally up the time spent on them with this app, also great for my creative clients.
  • Spotlight Reporting: Really understand how the key financial data affects your business. My favorite aspects: Google Analytics integration & non-financial data comparisons.


As great as these apps are, they are all programmed with Xero's API (not each others').  Let us help you navigate these waters and avoid the pitfalls when putting this puzzle together!  Contact us with any questions!