Welcome to Xero!

But now what?

Xero is a robust accounting application.  It's simple and elegant, yet is built with a solid accounting engine under its hood.  It might seem a bit overwhelming at first, here's some tips to get started:

  • Pick a cut off/start date to transfer from your old system to Xero - fiscal year dates are optimum.
  • Check & correct your old books. Converting Quickbooks information is beneficial only when they were perfect before.  If they weren't, then you will be importing erroneous and ineffective information.
  • Perfect the Chart of Accounts - these are key to seeing how and where your numbers stack up in your financial reports.
  • Talk to your CPA about your upcoming plan(s) for your business - plan ahead!
  • Make sure to incorporate your sales and bills into your accounting processes.  Xero has many add-ons that assist in these areas, some are industry-specific.

That's a lot to think about!  I'll leave you with this final advice: do a little research and find out what the best sequence is to getting started.  Write down a plan - a checkbox list - and then just follow that step by step. Take one task at a time, give yourself a cupcake when you finish, then focus on (and only) the next one.  Cheer up - you have another cupcake waiting for you! 

Kirsten Barrie
Chief Cloud Integrator
Verte Consulting

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Add-on Spotlight
"Rolling out Expensify to our consultants and employees has significantly reduced the billing and approval process time.  No more scanning and pasting giant PDF files together hoping they won't be kicked back by email servers.  Our customers have even commented about the change to Expensify and how much easier it is to review and approve."  Kevin Smith, co-founder of Erstreben