July Update

Cash Flow App Crunchboards Added

Xero helps you look at the history of your transactions - and if you're being even more clever, you're using the Budget module to get some future outlook - but now Verte Consulting is offering some serious cash flow and other analyzation tools via a new app called Crunchboards

For a limited time, we will offer access to this tool for free, and if you find it useful, will add it as a service package to your current plan.  In the meantime, let's see how we can get you utilizing it to grow your company!

Hope you are having a great summer!

Kirsten Barrie
Chief Cloud Integrator, Xero Silver Partner

Verte Consulting appreciates your business, and enjoys helping you and your business grow.  If you have any colleagues that are in need of cloud accounting and cloud-based solutions, please have them contact us.  If they sign up, you will receive a $100 referral credit on your services!