For many (eight) years I was contracted as a CFO/Controller and used traditional legacy desktop accounting software.  Over the years, I learned the standard work-arounds and ways to be efficient yet thorough. It was always a balance of time available vs. providing enough information in a timely fashion.

Now with Xero, I don't have that problem.  It's made with an open API so it's add-ons integrate into Xero, saving time and providing results quicker than anything I've ever seen.  The table below is a comparison of the two types of systems:


Now it is challenging to change, and challenging to embark upon a new system, but you're up to it! You signed up for the adventure of being a "business owner"!  And once the systems are in place, things work like clockwork, and can be turnkey for your business' growth and expansion.  The RETURN ON INVESTMENT can be measured in a few short months, not quarters or years.  

Looking forward to helping you on this adventure, please don't hesitate to book a FREE hour consultation so I may answer any questions you have.