Small businesses in the US are rapidly adopting online accounting – and it makes good sense. Being able to access your accounting program from anywhere and get the job done fast frees up the accountant and the business owner’s time. More than 155,000 small business owners have chosen Xero for this task.


CPA Practice Advisor, one of the USA’s most prominent accounting publications, has just given Xero a glowing 5 star review. The only other application to receive 5 stars was Quickbooks Online. CIO Magazine has both Xero and Quickbooks Online in their Top Five Online Accounting picks.

So how do you choose one over the other? What are the differences between Quickbooks Online and Xero?  Quickbooks has some features that Xero doesn’t, but by the same token Xero has some things that Quickbooks Online doesn’t.

Below is a list of things that Xero customers state that sets Xero apart from the US competition:

  • Beautiful design: Every feature is easy-to-use so that customers are telling us: “it just works and saves time”.
  • Xero was built for the web - not adapted to be an online system.
  • Mobile: We’ve optimized our web app to work on any device. We have native apps for Android and iPhone with invoicing, bank reconciliation, and photo capture of expenses that automatically upload to Xero.
  • Unlimited users: Yes, that’s right, add as many users as you like with no extra fee.
  • Unlimited support: 24/7 customer support.
  • Expense management: Built-in expense management and approval process that extends to our mobile applications.
  • Multicurrency: We make it easy to capture live spot rates in over 160 currencies so you don’t have to reconcile rates at a later date.
  • Add-on ecosystem and developer network: We have over 200 add-on partners and over 1000 active apps that work with Xero. The next closest is Quickbooks Online with 32 add-on partners.
  • Accountant collaboration: The ability for different users to discuss and make notes related to a transaction right inside the application.
  • 99.99% uptime: We’ve had industry standard uptime since we started and have never had a multi-day outage.


Verte Consulting is the full package: managing financials with state-of-the-art cloud-based Xero, and the fabulous new Vend POS software. Kirsten has a hands-on approach and provides a thorough service to ensure her clients are supported and confident in all aspects of retail bookkeeping and POS functionality. I highly recommend her services. - Samantha Bryan, owner of Bronzed Aussie

No matter what type of small business you are, there is an add-on that works with Xero that will help streamline and cut down the time spent on accounting.

Want to know more about how Xero compares to Quickbooks Online and how you can save time on your accounting?  Take advantage of my one-hour free consultation - contact me with any questions!

(this is an excerpt from an article on Xero's blog, for the full article click here)