How we help clients

Our mission is to maintain a culture that promotes fiscal health in business, excitement about cloud technology, strives for excellence, supports collaboration and creativity- we just happen to be accountants.



We create mental freedom:  When you know your accounting is up to date and reflecting correct numbers and accounts, then you can focus on other aspects of your business.  This might seem small but making room for thoughts of expansion are important.

We believe that your job, as a business owner, is to look forward into the future and expand your mission with your company.  Accounting is more of a looking back type of activity, and the same person doing the two can cause indecision.

Instead we give you a helping hand – a checks and balances.  You spend time trying to figure out your next move and next hire – and we’ll spend time making sure you’re solvent.

the future

We create a cloud-based end-to-end back office: We think the office of the future is virtual.  Why be limited to employees within 50 miles and make them suffer traffic?  With the advent of cloud-based apps that can GPS locate your staff while working as well as give them the freedom to leverage powerful decision making – you can create a culture that is perfect for you – no matter where you are.  Also did we mention you can run the business from your new beach house?


We encourage balance: Most of our clients are juggling family or other endeavors – be it a family vacation or a marathon, we want to help you live! Let us know your goals and we can help get you there.




We make meetings enjoyable again:  We use state of the art meeting scheduling apps that let you pick a time that works for you as well as automatically fills in the information if you’re using Google Calendar.   Sometimes time can slip by quickly so we also have an automatic reminder weekly or biweekly depending on the service level you purchased.


We will be pro-active: Our benchmark standard is GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).  If we notice that you could benefit from additional training an additional app, or expanded service that you weren’t aware even existed – we will let you know.   Our goal is to put your company in its best position.