ways we work with you

We carefully onboard clients so that they are familiar with how to use the apps that we interact with as well as the software they opted in for to streamline their business.   We will make sure you are using all apps correctly and to their full potential. (Note: some fees may apply to training – ask your advisor.)


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Say goodbye to email (well at least with us): We use a cloud-based app called Basecamp to communicate, organize, and keep secure your interaction with us.  Email is natively not secure but logging into an encrypted, professionally run website is.



If your service plan includes meetings then we will meet virtually via an online meeting app called Zoom.  You’ve most likely used or are already using it – it’s quite popular and very easy.  It also has great quality so we can have our camera’s on while sharing our screens – it’s almost as if we were in the same room!  (But saved that commute time!)

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We will gladly coordinate with your CPA to make sure we are all on the same page.  It’s better to make an adjustment before the tax crunch time.



And lastly, as a welcome gift – we will send you a delicious bag of single origin roasted coffee from Moustache Coffee Club to enjoy at your home or office.

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